Best. Day. Ever.

Best. Day. Ever.

It’s National Lazy Day.

            Yup. It’s a real thing. Best. Day. Ever.

Your alarm goes off way too early in the morning. You groan and get out of bed, and almost immediately, your responsibilities start pulling you every which way. Breakfast and lunches for the kids, a professional appearance for work, don’t forget to feed yourself, make sure the kitchen is clean before you leave, drop the kids off at a specific time and don’t be late for work. Maybe this would be easier if you had more arms, but, since you don’t, everyone may as well call you a superhero.

Whatever your circumstances are, life can be terribly hectic. With your kids, your spouse, your boss, yourself, you’ve got a lot of expectations to meet. You’re doing a great job. But, when’s the last time you took a break for yourself? A day set for your own self-care? A LAZY day?!

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “lazy” is defined in the following ways:

  1. Disinclined to activity or exertion
  2. Encouraging inactivity or indolence
  3. Not rigorous or strict

That being said, a lazy day would entail . . . essentially nothing. There would be no obligations, no priorities, no expectations, no set plans, no pants. Yeah, that’s right. A shower? Unnecessary. An approachable appearance? Nah.

How to properly spend a lazy day:

  1. Sleep in. Don’t get out of bed unless you particularly need to.
  2. That’s it. There are no more steps. Congratulations, you nailed it.

If arrangements can be made to set aside a day for yourself, it is within your own best interest to do so. It’s worth it. You will be nourishing your soul and resting your hard-working body. If anything, you’ve earned it. Whether it be dropping the kids off at Grandma’s, or purchasing a spa day for yourself, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Be Confidently Insured.


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