Knowing Your Customers Better

Knowing Your Customers Better

Knowing Your Customers Better

Small businesses often overlook one of the more easily accessible and valuable ways to stay connected with customers and potential customers. It is through a wealth of knowledge that we may already have about them. What type of information can be valuable to know about your customers, prospects, and leads? How can you use that information to inspire sales and retain loyal customers? Here are some basics.

Name, Address, Phone, and Email

Right now, you may be leaving it up to your customers to connect with you. With some basic information, you can reach out to them. Start with their name, address, email, and cellphone number. This allows you the ability to contact them through direct mail, phone, or text and email.


Their birthday not only allows you to track their age, but gives you at least one reason a year to contact them.

Update Each Contact They Make

Along with their contact info and birth date, make a note of each contact you make with them and they with you.  Then date and describe the contact and the subject matter. You can use this data to follow up at a later date.

Have Them Fill Out a Survey

Many of your clients may be willing to provide other personal information or fill out a survey based upon an incentive you may offer. Each question and each answer can provide additional information to help you provide valuable products and services.

Ask for Advice and Feedback

Many of your best clients may be more than willing to provide feedback on your products and services, and may even serve as cheerleaders for your business. Staying connected can help nurture those relationships.

The better you know your clients and prospects, the more likely you will be to retain and convert them. Like your personal relationships, it is important to put in your fair share of the efforts at staying connected.

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