Weird and Wild Weather

Weird and Wild Weather

Weird and Wild Weather

You likely don’t know that the highest temperature ever recorded in Minnesota was 115 degrees in 1917. That’s 6 degrees higher than the record high temperature ever recorded in the State of Florida. That’s just one of a myriad of unusual and interesting weather anomalies that have taken place with our weather. Here’s a look at a few more.

Most Rainfall

The State of Hawaii holds the record for the most rainfall in the United States within 24 hours when almost 50 inches of rain fell on Kauai on April 14-15 in 2018. That’s an average of over two inches of rain per hour for an entire day. Tax day at that.

Strongest Winds

Mount Washington, New Hampshire has the distinction of being the place on Earth to record the highest wind gusts ever at 231 miles per hour. The wind was recorded on April 12, 1934.

Highest Snowfall

The highest snowfall recorded over 20 years (1985-2015) is at Mt. Rainer Washington. The average annual snowfall over those years was 265 inches. That’s over 50 feet of snow each year.

Coldest Temperature

It is probably not surprising that the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States is in Alaska. It occurred along the Alaskan pipeline at the Arctic Circle in 1971 when temps reached -80 Fahrenheit on January 23 of that year.

It’s Raining What?

While not all of these have been verified it has been claimed that it rained tadpoles in Ishikawa Japan in 2009, rained fish in Kerala, India in 2009, worms in Jennings, Louisiana in 2017 and the rain of bats took place in Southwestern, Texas in 2006. The Weathergirls, a singing duo, had a hit with “It’s Raining Men” in 2007, but that too, can not be verified.

The Earliest Hurricane to Hit the U.S.

The earliest major hurricane to hit the United States was hurricane Audrey which made landfall on June 27, 1957.

The Latest Hurricane to Hit the U.S.

The latest a hurricane ever struck the USA was on November 24, 1982, with Hurricane Iwa in Hawaii. The latest in the Atlantic Basin was November 22 with Hurricane Kate in 1985.

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