When Pizza and Beer Isn’t Enough

When Pizza and Beer Isn’t Enough

When Pizza and Beer Isn’t Enough

If you are young and single, and have plenty of young and single friends, pizza and beer may just be good enough to solicit help when moving. But this window for recruiting free movers is briefer than ever. If you are planning a move, here are some examples of when pizza and beer just won’t be enough.

The Move is More Than 2.5 Miles

Real good friends may hang in there with you for up to a 4 mile move, but even that may be pushing the limits. Longer moves mean longer trips, more waiting and more gas. Pizza and beer will lose their appeal after approximately 4 miles.

Moves Involving Stairs

You really don’t want to see the faces of your friends as they stare up two flights of stairs while hanging onto a heavy pull-out couch. “Oh, I didn’t mention it was a third floor apartment?” Just hire some professionals.

You Have BIG Stuff

Even a meat lover’s pizza and craft beer won’t be enough to cover a move involving large items. A washer and dryer? Refrigerator? Large sectional or pull-out coach? Pool table? Forgetta ’bout it.

Babysitters Need to Be Arranged

Face it, if you are running with a crowd that is old enough to have their own families, your chances of attracting moving help with pizza and beer is nil. First of all, family obligations are just too good of an excuse not to use. Secondly, these friends have probably been to that rodeo before.

At some point, “C’mon, it’ll be fun!” rings hollow for all of us when it comes to moving, and beer and pizza are of little incentive. No, Virginia, there are no friends who will move you for pizza and beer anymore.

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