It’s Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day!

Have you stepped out into nature recently?

Is there even a comparison between the fluffy, brightly-colored grass and the dull, solid, man-made concrete? Earth has got something we don’t have: natural abilities beyond our capabilities.

Have you heard the news? There are many warning signs that Earth isn’t in the ideal condition to continue to support life.

Reasons to care about our home:

  1. Earth provides every necessary thing we need to survive, starting with the basics: food and water. Not just any kind of food–but the kind of mouth-watering, delicious food that captivates our soul’s desire for satisfaction. The best part? Plants grow naturally, with the Sun and the water that naturally falls from the skies. It’s a beautiful circle of life that leads to our nourishment. Why are we taking this basic fact for granted?
  1. Are there really any words that can do Earth’s beauty justice? Nature is beautifully structured down to the atomic pattern of every living thing. From the dirt in the ground to the clouds in the sky, we are so wonderfully privileged to experience the breathtaking sights of Earth. From the pollen that rests on the flowers, to the liquid gold called honey that blesses our taste buds with the help of our friends, the bees. The changing conditions of the Earth that lead to the natural growth of amazing, awe-inspiring crystals. There’s something magical about Earth.
  1. The health of our Earth is directly connected to our own personal health. Think of the statement we learned growing up–you are what you eat. We eat what we produce. What kind of nourishment are you giving your body? Studies show that plants thrive when spoken to with kindness and words of encouragement. Are you eating healthy, happy food that will support your own growth? Are we, as Americans, consuming food that was raised with love and gratitude?
  1. Not only are the sights of Earth amazing, but the experiences are also pretty unique as well. The experience of life on Earth is beyond our comprehension. We get to experience things like emotions, healthy relationships with friends and family, adrenaline rushes, passion, laughter, music. We have immeasurable opportunities for a life well-lived. Are we reciprocating the same love for Earth that our home provides for us? Are we enhancing and supporting the growth and health of Earth, as our home provides for us? Are we maintaining the health of our environment so that our children, and our children’s children, will have the same opportunities to thrive that we had?

Imagine planet Earth as a living organism, just like you and me. Earth is a life-giving source–from plants, to all animals, including human beings. Imagine, just for a moment, that Earth is alive with all the needs and desires that we have–the need to feel loved and appreciated, the need to nourish our bodies to grow and survive and thrive, the need to work in harmony with other living beings.

Imagine Earth providing for us what a mother provides to her newborn baby: every imaginable thing her offspring needs to survive. A mother provides a safe, comfortable environment for her child to grow and develop. A mother provides her newborn baby with the milk the child needs to live. A mother provides her child with love and compassion that enhance the child’s overall well-being. Would you treat your mother the way our home is being treated?

By: KayLynn P.

Be Confidently Insured.


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