Three of the Biggest Factors Impacting Your Car Insurance Premiums

Three of the Biggest Factors Impacting Your Car Insurance Premiums

Three of the Biggest Factors Impacting Your Car Insurance Premiums

You may sometimes feel helpless about the amount of your car insurance bill. The reality is, you have control of the three biggest factors impacting your car insurance premiums. Even beyond the three big factors, there is still hope in saving money on your car insurance. Here’s what you should know.


The bad news is that there is not much you can do about your age. The good news is that as you age, your car insurance rates should get better. From the time you are a teenager until you turn 21, and then 25, if your driving record is solid, your rates should stabilize or even get reduced. Get married in the meantime, and you may even see lower rates. Other than watching the clock tick and the calendar turn, there’s not much you can do about your age and its impact on your automobile insurance rates.

Driving Record

If you want to see savings on your car insurance rates, stop driving like you are Mario or Luigi. Wear your seatbelt, stay within reason of the speed limit, stop at stop signs, and otherwise practice defensive driving techniques. Sure, it may take you an extra 39 seconds to get home or that one car may get ahead of you, but think about basking in that now perfect driving record. Car insurance companies love safe drivers and even offer discounts for those who have proven they drive safely.

Credit Rating

It may surprise you to learn that your credit record impacts your car insurance rates. This is due, in part, to the fact that insurance companies have discovered that credit-worthy drivers tend to be more responsible. Those with better credit ratings also tend to keep their coverage in place longer and more consistently. This makes them more valuable to insurance companies and can lead to better rates.

Even if you think your rates are still out of control, you have another option when it comes to your auto insurance. That option is to compare. Contact one of our independent insurance agents and let them do the shopping for you. They will explore their network of insurance companies to find the most appealing rates for your particular situation. There is no cost or obligation for a price quote, and you can potentially save significantly. Contact us today to get started and stay in control of your automobile insurance rates.

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