Odd, Unusual and Unique Things That Have Been Insured

Odd, Unusual and Unique Things That Have Been Insured

Odd, Unusual and Unique Things That Have Been Insured

Throughout history, insurance has been used to financially protect a variety of unusual items. Insurance firm Lloyd’s of London has built a reputation on insuring items that some would consider rare or unique. From body parts to expensive jewelry, if it is valuable, it likely can be insured.

During the 1940s, 20th Century Fox Films has pin-up girl Betty Grable’s legs insured for one million dollars…each.

Irish step dancer Michael Flatley, who starred in both Riverdance and Lord of the Dance had his legs insured for another reason and for a lot more money. Flatley has his legs and his ability to perform using them, insured for a whopping $47 million.

Long-legged Tina Turner reportedly had her legs insured at the height of her career for a total of $3.2 million.

Singers often choose to insure their voices to protect their careers. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and Rod Stewart were all said to have had multi-million dollar policies on their voices. Not to be outdone, Mariah Carey reportedly insured her voice and her legs, for $35 million each. It has been speculated that Jennifer Lopez had her derriere insured for an enormous amount, but that amount has never been disclosed.

Insurance plays a role in protecting more than just famous body parts. It can be used to insure against large payouts in promotional events. This is how organizers can offer large cash prizes or an automobile for hitting a hole-in-one or for a fan hitting a basketball shot from half-court.

Some companies will insure the lives or health of their key employees. Business partners will often list each other as a beneficiary to protect their company should one pass away. Some CEO’s may even carry kidnap or ransom insurance.

Insurance can be used to protect from the loss of a variety of valuable items from classic automobiles, classic art, and heirloom jewelry. Weddings can be insured as can pets and travel arrangements.

If you have made a significant investment in a collection of valuables, contact our independent agents to make sure your homeowners’ policy provides sufficient protection. Standard limits may just not be enough. We will be happy to search out affordable coverage to protect your assets.

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