Pedestrian Awareness

Pedestrian Awareness

Summertime is just around the corner. What’s your favorite way to spend your time in the Summer? On vacation, in a beautiful, mountainous place, with beaches and sunshine? For most people, this is the case. The vitamin D from the sunshine brings a lot of us outdoors to enjoy the weather.

Popular places to travel are congested with localists and tourists. All other places are full of children out of school, bicyclists, motorcyclists, runners, dog-walkers, etc. There are pedestrians everywhere.

This summer, please make yourself aware of all the people around you on the roads. There will be folks from every line of vision. Driving your car around makes you liable for all the people on and around the roads. The more aware you are of what’s going on around you, the less likely a tragic incident will occur.

When you’re driving this Summer:

  1. Be alert. Watch for pedestrians. Look ahead, to either side of you, behind you, in your blind spots. Always be on the lookout before you turn, back up, or switch lanes.
  2. Follow the speed limit. If you are travelling through a populated part of town, the speed limit will typically be slower—for a reason. Going the speed limit is important to make sure you’re at a pace to slow down quickly if need be.
  3. Anticipate unusual possibilities. It’s always possible that pedestrians will illegally jaywalk or walk where you wouldn’t expect someone to be.
  4. Be ahead of the game. If you are unsure of someone’s next moves, hover your foot over the brake in case of sporadic movements.

While out on the roads this Summer, be considerate of everyone and everything around you.

Be Confidently Insured.


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