Preserve Your Pet’s Life

Preserve Your Pet’s Life

Finally, the dog of your dreams. You just bought the perfect companion, a Siberian Husky puppy. Then you took her to the pet store and bought her a new doggy bed, shampoo, food, toys, all the necessities for a puppy. She loves her new toy, and she’s jumping up and down for joy. You take her home, and her excitement makes up for your lack of money. The both of you couldn’t be any happier. Is it possible you’re forgetting something?

The next day, you constantly think about your new best friend. You can hardly focus on anything else, and work has never passed by so slowly. The image in your mind is going home to your puppy, barking and jumping around, licking your hands when you bend down to pet her. You can’t wait!

What you go home to is quite frankly the opposite. Your brand-new pup is lying on the floor surrounded by her vomit—and what’s left of your jade plant that you forgot to put away. You panic, how will this get paid for? You just spent all your extra money on pet accessories! The possibility of her getting sick hadn’t even crossed your mind.

These are the circumstances that require pet insurance. Did you even know this existed?! With a monthly fee of anywhere from $20-$50, your pet is covered in these instances. You can take her to the vet without concern because you will be reimbursed for the majority of your expenses through insurance. Typically, anything from acupuncture to annual check-ups is covered.

It’s arguable that a pet’s life is far more important than the life of any other material item. To extend the life of your pet and to prevent major expenses, it’s crucial that you look into pet insurance. Yes, this is a happy ending. The puppy survived.

 By: KayLynn

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