Realistic Reasons you may need Special Event Insurance

Realistic Reasons you may need Special Event Insurance

A few examples of “special” events and how these things could go wrong:

  1. Air Guitar Contest! If your fake jam-sesh gets a little out of control, and you whack the person behind you on the head with your arm, you need coverage for that.
  2. Underwater Music Festival! If you’re playing your underwater shell-bone, and you’re a little “in the moment,” it’s possible that you’ll forget you’re underwater and inhale the ocean water. You’ll need coverage for that.
  3. Eating Contest! Watch out while you’re eating an unnatural amount of food, because it could all get stuck in your esophagus. “Cause of Death: too much pie.” Special Event insurance is a necessity to ensure medical care.

Okay, I lied. While these things aren’t necessarily “realistic,” they are all possible! Right?

Most likely, when you host a large event, the venue will require insurance. In the case that no one shows up, or your DJ cancels on you in the nick of time, the deposit costs are covered. In the case that a drunk lady dancing stumbles into a table, knocks over the punch bowl, ruins the carpet, and falls to the ground breaking her arm, the damage and medical expenses are covered. Life happens in funny ways sometimes, but it’s not so amusing when it costs you a lot of money. Insurance covers unexpected occurrences.

 By: KayLynn

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