The Bare Minimum

The Bare Minimum

Do you ever just feel like there’s a raincloud hanging over your head? It follows you wherever you go, raining on your every parade. Life can sometimes pick on specific people, throwing challenge after challenge in their direction. It’s like you just can’t keep up, no matter how hard you try. Money can be a huge issue for some people. I know this because I’ve been that person before.

In today’s day and age, the cost of living is extremely expensive. It isn’t always reasonable to get by on a minimum wage income, especially without the help of a significant other. Depending on your circumstances, insurance—particularly automobile insurance—can get quite expensive.

There is a minimum liability required in most states to insure your car. This coverage is only enough to make your car eligible to be driving legally. It does not cover your injuries or to replace your car.

If you get into an accident without enough coverage to pay for the other driver’s damages and injuries, you may be sued and taken to court. If you do not own anything of value, you are considered “judgment proof”. This basically means that even if you lose, you don’t lose much.

Basically, if your car is old and worn and you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s reasonable to buy minimum liability. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase higher limits. Minimum liability simply does not provide enough coverage in the event of an accident. But at least you’ve got insurance at all, as it is required by law.

Be Confidently Insured.


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