Is My Insurance Company Out to Screw Me?

Is My Insurance Company Out to Screw Me?

Is My Insurance Company Out to Screw Me?

We have all heard the stories. “My insurance company doesn’t want to cover this” or “my insurance company will only pay me this much”. It certainly can be frustrating and even understandable why some people would ask “Is my insurance company out to screw me?”

First, it is helpful to understand that an insurance company is a business, and in many cases, a business with an obligation to their shareholders. But they also have an obligation to their customers and to the agents who represent them. Any insurance company that repeatedly “screws” their customers will not be in business very long, especially in these days of online reviews, social media and instant messaging.

It can also help to remember that not all claims are what they may seem to be. Some insureds view making a claim as if they hit the lottery. They want to get as much as possible. The intent of insurance, however, is not to leave the insured better off. It is to leave them whole. For this reason, the insurance company has adjusters to help verify and settle claims. Does every claim get settled in the precise manner an insured may have liked? No. Like any product or service, there will be those that may be less than satisfied. This is one of the reasons many choose an independent insurance agency.

Independent insurance agents have the ability to choose the companies whose products they want to represent. This allows them to select companies with the best reputations and track records. They can help you in the preparation of a claim, making sure all losses are properly documented. They can serve as your liaison with the insurance company in getting your claim settled fairly.

Our insurance agents, like the companies they represent, have a reputation to maintain. They earn their living helping to make sure our customers get the protection they need at affordable prices. They want to make sure any claims are settled appropriately and in accordance with the terms and obligations of the policy. Buying a policy digitally online may not provide this personal service.

If you would like to discuss your current policies or would like a quote on a new one, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you the difference working with an independent agent can make. Contact us today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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