The Ten Most Frequent Causes of Automobile Accidents

The Ten Most Frequent Causes of Automobile Accidents

The Ten Most Frequent Causes of Automobile Accidents

We make choices everyday that impact our odds of making it to tomorrow. That may sound a bit dramatic, but when it comes to preventing automobile accidents, it’s true. If we could reduce or eliminate the top ten causes of traffic accidents, how much safer would we be on the highways? How many more lives could we save, and eventually, how much less would our car insurance premiums be? It’s not impossible. Here are the ten major causes of auto accidents and easy steps you can take to prevent them.

  1. Texting While Driving. It is amazing how many lives could be saved if we could just avoid using cellphones while driving. Of course, distracted driving also includes grooming, eating and singing and dancing while behind the wheel.
  2. Drunk Driving. Look, with ride sharing services, this should not be an issue but it is. If you have a few drinks let someone else drive, even if it is a stranger you pay a few bucks to. It will cost you a LOT less in the long run.
  3. Speeding. How many times has someone sped past you, only to have you catch up with them at the next traffic light? Yup, there’s some satisfaction to be found in that and hopefully some lessons to be learned.
  4. Reckless Driving. This is not Mario Kart and you’ll get no coins. More importantly, extra lives are simply not available. Obey traffic laws, use your turn signals and take a breath.
  5. Heavy Rain. No, you can’t avoid driving in the rain but become better aware of how rain can mix with spills and fluids on the roads to make them slicker. Puddles can cause your tires to lose contact with the roadway creating planing. Back ‘er down in the rain.
  6. Running Red Lights. We’ve all been there – that “go”/no go” moment. You’ll still have them, but considering it is the six major cause of accidents should give you pause to think again.
  7. Driving at Night. Driving late at night becomes more challenging especially the older we get. You also have more recreational drivers at night, who may not be paying as much attention to the road as they should. Just allow your defensive driving skills to take more control when driving at night.
  8. Tailgating. Some people tailgate as of it is going to make the driver in front move faster. It may have the opposite affect or tempt them to brake check you, none of which will be pleasant. This too, shall pass.
  9. Young Drivers. There are reasons why teen driver insurance rates are so high. Driving safely takes experience and teen drivers need to be taught enough patience to allow them to grow into being a safer drivers.
  10. Correcting Missed Turns. Should you miss a turn, don’t expect everyone around you to understand. Take responsibility for your mistake and safely proceed down the road to correct it safely and legally.

When you think about it, it shouldn’t be that difficult to improve our own safety, the safety of our families and others on the road. It just takes a little thought and consideration.

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