UMPD Helps Replace Your Ride

UMPD Helps Replace Your Ride

Getting into a car accident is one of the most dreadful things to me. It’s out of your control, and it’s terrifying. Now think of things going downhill even farther after the initial impact. First, you realize you’re in pain—and a lot of it. Then, you come to find out the negligent driver who hit you didn’t have insurance. Your car is totaled, you’re shocked and terrified about the accident, and you’re in loads of pain. Now there’s no coverage for any of this?! But, wait, there’s a catch. You can help yourself before this incident takes place, with UMBI (refer to blog) and UMPD (Uninsured Motorist Property Damage) coverage.

You worked hard to purchase your car. Maybe you had to take a while to build your credit first. Maybe you finally paid it off after a couple of years. Your car is how you get to and from work and it’s how you get your groceries. Whatever the case may be, an incident that wasn’t your fault, destroying your property is enough to make anyone cry. Save your tears and get UMPD coverage on your policy.

UMPD allows you to get your car’s damages fixed up to your state’s limit, possibly with a deductible. UMPD Collision Deductible Waiver will waive the deductible after a collision to get your car fixed. Both coverages are only eligible with proof that the other driver did not have insurance. For example, these coverages would not apply if you were involved in a hit and run.

Ensure your property damages are covered in an automobile accident to save your tears.

By: KayLynn

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