Watch Out! Your Epidermis is Exposed! Skin Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention

Watch Out! Your Epidermis is Exposed! Skin Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention

Watch Out! Your Epidermis is Exposed!
Skin Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention

If you work in an office, you know the feeling of longing to be outside on a beautiful day. If you work outside every day, however, you may have the desire to be in air conditioning, away from the heat of the sun. The sun’s heat may support the existence of life on Earth. However, too much sunlight can cause skin cancer–if you work outside for your career, or you’re generally outside often, you understand the risks associated with too much sunlight. On one hand, you’re effortlessly getting your fix of Vitamin D. On the other hand; there’s a fine line between just enough and too much sunlight.

Are you at a high risk for developing skin cancer? According to, the following risk factors may elevate your risk for skin cancer.

1. Age. Over time, the accumulation of UV exposure increases your risk. The older you are, the more time you’ve spent in the sun–which puts you at a higher risk of skin cancer.

2. Gender. Men face double the risk that women have to develop certain skin cancers.

3. Skin, hair, and eye color. Colored eyes (blue and green), red or blonde hair, and extremely pale skin are factors that increase your risk.

4. Moles.

5. Genetics. Family history of certain cancers and other skin diseases may increase your risk.

6. Smoking. Being a smoker can increase your risk of more than one type of cancer.

7. Chemical exposure. Exposure to certain chemicals puts you at a higher risk of skin cancer. If your job requires that you work with specific chemicals, you should be aware of your increased risk.

8. Lifestyle. Outdoor laborers and tanning bed users are at a higher risk for skin cancer.

Regardless of your risk factors, sun exposure should be taken very seriously. Take preventative measures to protect yourself from skin cancer.

➢ If your career does not require that you wear a hard hat, wear a hat to protect your face from sunlight when exposed to UV rays for twenty minutes or more.

➢ Employees are entitled to safety in the workplace. When possible, use a tarp or umbrella to defend yourself against harmful sun rays.

➢ Long hours spent in the sunshine can cause serious strain on your eyes. Don’t forget sunglasses to protect your vision!

➢ Clothing provides additional protection from the sunlight. Wear light cotton fabric or linen to keep cool and protect yourself at the same time.

➢ As you know, sunscreen is considered the most effective shield against harmful UV rays. However, for sunscreen to fulfill its purpose, you must remember to reapply hourly.

The skin is our largest organ, and it’s constantly living out its purpose of protecting our internal organs. If you work outside, it is in your best interest to prioritize UV ray protection. Defend yourself against the risk of skin cancer.

By: KayLynn P.

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